Special Prorated Agreement

As a reminder, at this stage, the existing method unilaterally determined the value of a coupon given by the validating carrier. Moreover, its value cannot be considered a deserving turnover as long as the service corresponding to the coupon is actually provided by the participating carrier. In particular, this coupon can be refunded, redeemed or changed before departure. Thus, ticket sales are initially accounted for in the form of “undeserved” revenue (as recorded as part of the validation) or “planned” revenues (as recorded by the parties involved). There will be no “earned income” until transportation service is provided. In addition, if the first indicator is an indicator of acceptance, the first carrier informs a revenue calculation module related to the first medium that an agreement has been reached on that coupon and/or that the second medium informs a revenue calculation module related to the second medium that an agreement has been reached on that coupon. Subsequently, the value on which an agreement has been reached is sent to each carrier`s revenue accounting modules. The special agreement is amended by mutual agreement between the airlines, so that it is no less favourable to the non-operating airline on the current origin and destination routes than the most favourable agreement offered by the competent airline to another non-operating airline for similar origin and destination routes. Since the carrier authorized for validation and the participating carrier already know that attempts to accept steps 33, 55 and 64 have failed, the connection can be opened without waiting until an agreement is reached. If a properdator value is available in the 3P PC coupon database, E-Ticket`s pc 1P server system sends a message to the E-Ticket VC VC 1V server system containing the traditional eligibility message.

In addition, under a fundamental feature of the invention, notification of the billing code request is enriched with the first option indicator. In addition, if the first registered option indicator indicates that no agreement has been found (KO first flag indicator), then the PVPC stored in the PC 3P coupon database is sent with the request message for the billing authorization code (step 45). If the valid carrier finds that the E-Ticket is in fact an E-Ticket, the Consolidator VC 11V module will request the VC 6V VC module in real time through the 7V online link and send it the full e-ticket to get the coupon values in real time.

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